Email Marketing

Simplify the way you drive customer engagement and achieve your business goals with email marketing campaigns. Enjoy powerful, yet straightforward segmentation, flexible and frustration-free campaign editing, and actionable analytics, all powered by a leading provider of cloud email.

Use our simple, user-friendly interface to build your email marketing campaigns free from the inconvenience of rigid step-by-step wizards.

  • Manage recipients, scheduling, content, and testing, all from one view.
  • Seamlessly move among tasks without having to complete one before the other.
  • Efficiently make adjustments as you clarify your campaign vision.
Email Marketing Service in Bangalore 

Choose the Email Platform Your Developers Love

SendGrid can power your entire email program at scale, whether you’re sending with Marketing Campaigns or programmatically over our Email API. You’ll be delighted, and your developers will too.

  • Manage your marketing and transactional email from a single platform for ease and continuity.
  • Have total visibility and editing access to your transactional templates.
  • Your developers have access to our best-in-class APIs, simple integration, and clear documentation.